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Indiana University Bloomington

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   06-01 Statistical Models for Networks: A Brief Review of Some Recent Research S. Wasserman, G. Robins, D. Steinley    [View]
   06-02 The Cost of Numerical Integration in Statistical Decision-theoretic Methods for Robust Design Optimization S. Kugele, M. Trosset, L. Watson    [View]
   06-03 Approximate Distributions of Several Common Graph Statistics: Hypothesis Testing Applied to a Terrorist Network D. Steinley, S. Wasserman    [View]
   06-04 The Out-of-Sample Problem for Classical Multidimensional Scaling M. Trosset, C. Priebe    [View]
   07-01 Semisupervised Learning from Dissimilarity Data M.W. Trosset, C.E. Priebe, Y. Park, M.I. Miller    [View]
   07-02 Interpretation of Eigenvaules in Multivariate Statistical Analysis Steen A. Andersson, Jesse B. Crawford    [View]
   08-01 On Riesz and Wishart Distributions Associated with Decomposable Undirected Graphs Steen A. Andersson, Thomas Klein    [View]
   08-02 Statistical Analysis of Friendship Patterns and Bullying Behaviors Among Youth Dorthy L. Espelage, Harold D. Green, JR., Stanley Wasserman    [View]
   08-03 Representing Clusters: K-Means Clustering, Self-Organizing Maps, and Multidimensional Scaling M. Trosset    [View]
   08-04 Multivariate Intrinsic Random Functions for Cokriging Chunfeng Huang, Yonggang Yao, Noel Cressie, and Tailen Hsing    [View]
   08-05 Nonparametric Estimation of Variogram and its Spectrum Chunfeng Huang, Tailen Hsing , and Noel Cressie    [View]
   08-06 Spectral Density Estimation through a Regularized Inverse Problem Chunfeng Huang, Tailen Hsing, and Noel Cressie    [View]
   08-07 Sources Detection and ParametersEstimation of Plume Model Based on Sensor Network Measurements Chunfeng Huanga, Tailen Hsing, Noel Cressie, Auroop R. Ganguly,Vladimir A. Protopopescu and Nageswara S. Rao    [View]
   08-08 Mr. Holland's Networks: A Brief Review of the Importance of Statistical Studies of Local Subgraphs Stanley Wasserman    [View]
   09-01 On the Validity of Covariance and Variogram Functions on the Sphere Chunfeng Huanga, Haimeng Zhang, and Scott Robeson    [View]
   09-02 A Note on Nonparametric Variogram Fitting Chunfeng Huang, and Haimeng Zhang    [View]
   09-03 Asymptotic distribution and sparsistency for l1-penalized parametric M-estimators with applications to linear SVM and logistic regression Guilherme V. Rocha, Wang Xing and Bin Yu    [View]
   09-04 Feature Extraction for Multiple Kernel Learning Brent Castle, Minh Tang, Michael W. Trosset    [View]
   10-01 A Discrete Probability Problem in Bonding of Molecules M. Bhaskara Rao, Haimeng Zhang, Chunfeng Huang, Fu-Chih Cheng    [View]
   10-02 On Combinatorial Laplacian Eigenmaps Michael W. Trosset and Minh Tang    [View]
   10-03 The Out-of-Sample Problem for Classical Multidimensional Scaling: Addendum Minh Tang and Michael W. Trosset    [View]
   11-01 Statistical Issues in Assessing Forensic Evidence Karen Kafadar    [View]
   11-02 Analyzing Data from High-Energy Particle Physics Experiments Karen Kafadar, Robert L. Jacobsen    [View]
   11-03 Inference on Random Graphs with Classified Edge Attributes William David Brinda, Shantanu Jain and Michael W. Trosset    [View]
   11-04 A Nonmetric Embedding Approach to Testing for Matched Pairs Brent Castle, Michael W. Trosset and Carey E. Priebe    [View]
   12-01 Comments on “Social Contagion Theory: Examining Dynamic Social Networks and Human Behavior” by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler Stanley Wasserman    [View]