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Your Statistical Tool Belt (in SPSS)

Seminar: ISCC+WIM Workshop
Speaker: Stephanie Dickinson ()
Date: From 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 27 September 2013
Location: Woodburn Hall 200, SSRC

This workshop will give an overview of how to identify what types of data analysis tools to use for a project, along with basic “DIY” instructions. We will discuss the most common analysis tools for describing your data and performing significance tests (ANOVA, Regression, Correlation, Chi-square, etc), and how they should be selected based on the type of data and the type of research question you have. We will spend the first hour outlining “what analysis to use when” and the second hour going through examples in SPSS software. Stephanie Dickinson is Senior Consultant at the Indiana Statistical Consulting Center (ISCC)



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