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Indiana University Bloomington

About Us

Indiana University has a long history of excellence in statistics, distributed across a variety of disciplines. The Department of Statistics was created in 2006, thereby creating a nexus for statistical activity on IU's Bloomington campus. Our growing department currently comprises eight core faculty and a large number of adjunct faculty. We offer B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degree programs, and we administer the Indiana Statistical Consulting Center, which provides statistical support for research activity on IU's Bloomington and regional campuses.

The diverse nature of statistical science is reflected in the scholarly interests and activities of our faculty. Stanley Wasserman pioneered the development and use of statistical methods in network science and recently founded a new journal in that area. Chunfeng Huang recently received a research grant from the National Science Foundation to support his efforts to develop a new theory of spatial statistics that respects the geometry of spheres. The best way to learn about us is to browse the home pages of our faculty.

The department offers a variety of courses, intended to accommodate a variety of backgrounds and interests. We offer several courses that introduce elementary statistical methods, including courses specifically designed for business students and for students studying the life sciences. More advanced courses provide solid introductions to important methodologies, such as Applied Linear Models and Bayesian Theory & Data Analysis. They include both applied courses, dedicated to practical methods for exploring and analyzing data, and theoretical courses, dedicated to the fundamental principles that underlie statistical methodology. We encourage prospective students to contact our faculty to learn more about the degrees and courses we teach.

The Department of Statistics is currently housed on the sixth floor of Ballantine Hall. The main office is in room 643; please stop by and meet our faculty and staff!