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  • Indiana Council on World Affairs Presents:

    November 16, 7pm, Dr. Trita Parsi: Iran Nuclear Deal. The Willows, 6729 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Social Construction of Disabilities in Russian Residential Care Institutions by Anna Klepikova

    November 27, 12.15pm Professor Klepikova will address the situation of mentally disabled people, especially those with congenital intellectual and development disabilities, who live in long-term residential institutions in present-day Russia. It will feature a presentation of prolonged ethnographic research that she conducted in two institutions of this kind located in the outskirts of St.Petersburg: a children’s home for children with intellectual disabilities aged 4 to 18 years, and a psycho-neurological facility for adults. GISB 4067 More info.
  • The Polish Studies Center Annual Holiday Party

    December 7, 6.30pm, December and the holiday season is coming up again, and The Polish Studies Center is holding its Annual Holiday Party on December 7th, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the President’s Room at the Indiana University Memorial Union. Please join us for an evening of food, drinks, music, and caroling. We will also be hosting our customary cooking contest and silent auction! We hope to see you there!
  • Candles – Holocaust Museum & Education Center

    Last Registration: March 14 Join Us on the 2018 Trip to Auschwitz with Eva Kor. The 2018 Auschwitz Trip registration is now open and available on the CANDLES website. We will be accepting registrations until March 14, 2018 or until capacity is full. Trip Dates: June 23-July 1, 2018. More info.
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    Ongoing Events (FALL 2017)

    • Language Tables
      • Hungarian Language Coffee Hour

        Wednesdays, 6pm at Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)
      • Russian Table

        Fridays, 4-6pm at the Pourhouse Cafe (314 E Kirkwood Ave)
      • Ukrainian Conversation Hour

        Fridays, 6pm at Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)
      • Romanian Conversation Hour

        Wednesdays, 7.30pm at Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)
      • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Table

        Wednesdays, 7pm at Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)
      • Czech Language Table

        Fridays, 6pm at Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)

    • Bulgarian Folk Classes at IU

        October 13- December 15, 2017Bulgarian folk dance classes will be offered at IU beginning Friday, October 13, 6 - 7 pm and running through the end of the semester as part of the IU International Folkdancers. The class starts an hour before the regular Friday International dance sessions at 7 pm. It will meet in whatever room the group is scheduled for on any given date. Expect simple and more complex dances, fast and slow. No cover. The rhythms are crazy, the music - beautiful! Pure fun and physical, mental and emotional recreation expect you!

        The room schedule:
        Oct. 13 Frangipani Room, IMU
        Oct. 20 Ballantine 103
        Oct. 27 Ballantine 003
        Nov. 3 Georgian, IMU
        Nov. 10 Ballantine 003
        Nov. 17 Georgian, IMU
        Nov. 24 Georgian, IMU
        Dec. 1 Ballantine 003
        Dec. 8 Ballantine 003
        Dec. 15 Georgian, IMU

        To subscribe to a weekly email reminder with the exact room and more dancing opportunities in Bloomington, either send an email from the address you want subscribed to (can be a blank message), or just send email to Elizabeth Venstra at For questions, contact Gergana May at

    • Children's Language Programs (CLP)
      • Русская школа Индианы скоро начинает новый учебный год. В ней произошли значительные и интересные изменения. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нижеследующей информацией. Советуем также посетить сайты ИндиВестника и Русской школы.

        В субботу, 9 сентября, Русская школа начинает новый учебный год. В школе произошли большие изменения:

        1. Школа будет работать два дня в неделю, в субботу и в воскресенье. В субботу классы проводятся в Center for Early Orthodontic Treatment, 9595 Angola Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Школа благодарит Д-рa Юлию Пинскую за предоставление этой возможности. В воскресенье классы будут проходить в помещении Carmel High School (пожалуйста, обратите внимание - это тоже новое место занятий), 520 E. Main Street, Carmel, 46033. Время и расписание уроков - на сайте школы:

        2. Школа предоставляет целый ряд образовательных классов и программ для детей, начиная с 18 месяцев до 18 лет, а также для взрослых. Список классов включает:

        •фитнес дла самых маленьких (класс для малышей с родителями);
        •раннее комплексное развитие и подготовка к школе;
        •русский язык - традиционный и для heritage speakers*;
        •русский как иностранный;
        •математика на русском
        •репетиторство по математике на английском
        •продвинутая математика и подготовка k SAT на английском
        •основы программирования компьютерных игр
        •техника изготовления украшений
        •балет, (с Балетной Академией Индианаполиса)
        •научная лаборатория
        •театральное мастерство и
        •участие в новогоднем спектакле "Снежная Королева" для городского утренника

        Heritage speakers (в данном контексте): дети, которые растут в русскоязычных семьях, но поскольку за пределами семьи доминирующий язык - английский, для успешного овладения русским им нужны специальные занятия. Время и расписание классов можно найти на сайте школы: Пикник перед началом учебного года состоится в Воскресенье, 27 августа, в West Park, в 11 утра. На пикнике вы сможете поговорить с учuтелями, родителями, администрацией, зарегистририваться на классы и просто отдохнуть. Принесите что-то из еды для складчины. Если у вас есть вопросы, пишите:, посмотрите сайт и присоединятесь к группе Русской школы на Facebook.

      • Rosinka Program in Russian Language and Culture

        Since its establishment in 2009, the Rosinka Program in Russian Language and Culture has provided more than 70 Bloomington-area children with weekly instruction in Russian language and culture. In 2017-18, Rosinka will offer classes for children of elementary school age (5-11)* who are being raised in Russian-speaking households (so-called heritage speakers).

        Children should be capable of functioning in a classroom where all or most communication and instruction takes place in Russian. Emphasis is placed on development of literacy skills, cultivation of a favorable attitude towards the use of Russian, appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage of the Russophone world, and effective oral communication.

        In Fall Semester 2017, Rosinka will take place at Campus View Apartments (800 North Union Street, Bloomington) in room 121 on Fridays, 5:00-6:00. Classes will begin on Friday, September 8 and continue through Friday, December 15.

        Rosinka is sponsored by the IU Russian and East European Institute (with the support of funding from the US Department of Education) and the IU RPS Area Coordinator’s Office. A modest fee of $50 per family (not child) will cover the cost of materials and other operating expenses.

        To learn more about Rosinka and sign up children, contact: Mark Trotter at 812-856-5247 or

        *Children under the age of 5 will also be considered for admission to the program, pending staff availability.

      • Bridges: Children, Languages, World

        Bridges: Children, Languages, World will offer free instruction in Russian as a foreign language to local schoolchildren in the Azbuka program on Saturday mornings 11-11:45 in the School of Global and International Studies (355 North Jordan Avenue, Bloomington), Room 3067. Classes begin on Saturday, September 16 and continue through Saturday, December 2.

        For more information, contact Suriati Abas at

        More info.