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  • The IU Office of International Development is seeking HOST FAMILIES for the 2016 Youth Leadership Program with Mongolia

    We are looking for 7 to 10 special households interested in hosting one or two individual participants for a two-week time period: October 15th to October 29th
  • Kamil Szafraniec, University of Giessen, Germany “Reshaping Culture in Translation: On Slavic Vulgarities”

    September 29, 2016, 6-7.30 pm, GISB 0013
  • Candles, Holocaust Museum & Education Center, The Mozes Family Heritage Tour

    October 1-9, 2016, The next CANDLES excursion is coming up quickly. The museum is taking a group of 45 participants to Romania and Hungary on October 1-9, 2016. The group will trace some of Eva's footsteps during her childhood in Romania and her return after the war, as well as visit memorials and museums surrounding the topic of the Holocaust.
  • ACES Fall Picnic in Oliver Winery

    October 2, 2016, This year we're partnering up with IU's ACES to bring you a fall picnic at Oliver Winery on October 2nd from 1 pm -4 pm! Pets and families are welcome as are any Hungarian dishes you'd like to bring along! Wine tasting is also available for over 21s through the winery. Please RSVP at the link above and sign up to bring something.
  • Business and Peace: Roles in Peace-Making and Peace-Building

    October 3, 2016, 8.30-3pm, This one-day workshop will deepen understanding around the role that business can place in peace-making, peace-building, and peace-keeping. The ability for business – Entrepreneurs and SMEs through Multinationals – to act as a stabilizing and peace building force in the world has been changing and leading to exciting research and action. Representatives from business, government, academics, and NGOs will come together to examine this topic in a public discussion which will serve as a starting point for our larger conversation on how business should be engaging in the world’s pursuit of peace.>
  • Webinar: What is a "global professional?" Preparing Culturally and Linguistically Competent U.S. Graduates for the Global Economy.

    October 6, 2016, 4pm.This webinar will provide foreign language teachers and administrators with powerful rationales for studying abroad in the target language, by focusing on the skill sets that global businesses, government, and our own increasingly diverse society are requiring from those they are hiring in 2016 and in the future.
  • The 2016 US Presidential Election and the Muslim Question

    October 19th at 4-5.30pm Please, join us for the lecture by Nader Hashemi on the topic of “The 2016 US Presidential Election and the Muslim Question” at the IMU Dogwood Room.
  • Global Service and Peace Corps Prep, Workshop and Advising Session

    October 21-22, 2016. IU’s symposium, the first in the country devoted entirely to this major new figure, examines Krzhizhanovsky’s ascendance from early Soviet obscurity to contemporary world literature with special attention to his theoretical essays.
  • The Beauty of Indiana Folk Arts: Visiting Folk Artists Series--Jan Boettcher (rosemaler) and Carol Powers (pysanky artist)

    October 27, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. (Demonstrations), 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Narrative Stage), 2:30 to 4 p.m. (Demonstrations) Jan Boettcher practices rosemaling, a type of traditional decorative painting. Her desire to connect with her Norwegian ancestry led her to learn the art from her aunt Dorothy. Carol Powers learned the Ukrainian art of pysanky from her aunt. Using a wax-resist method, Powers draws a pattern onto an egg and then dyes it.
  • An Evening with Russian Author Dina Rubina

    October 28, 2016, 7pm. Park Tudor School, 7200 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46260.
  • GradGrants SSRC IDRF Proposal Development Bootcamp

    November 1, 2016. The bootcamp, run as an online course through Canvas and thus accessible to IU Ph.D. students both in and outside of Bloomington, is organized into a series of lessons and assignments that break up the proposal into manageable weekly work. By the end of week 5, you will draft a complete proposal with regular feedback from GGC consultants. In weeks 6 through 8 of the course, you will further edit your proposal through in-person consultations and a workshop with GGC staff, as well as a one-on-one meeting with an IU faculty reviewer from a discipline other than your own.
  • Folklore Expedition 2017: The “Christmas Tsars” of Semezhava

    November 4, 2016 The expedition to Belarus will be led by Dr. Svetlana Sorokina, Senior Researcher at the Gorky Intstitute of World Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. The expedition will document one of the few surviving productions of the traditional folk drama “Tsar Maximillian” which survives as part of the early January Christmastide festivities in Semezhava, Belarus. The folklore-collecting team will film one or more of the performing troupes, record songs, and conduct interviews with local residents.
  • The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington and Stages Bloomington

    November 10-13, 2016. Children's opera "Brundibar" originally performed 55 times by the children incarcerated in Terezin, a Nazi concentracion camp. Times and tickets avaliable at
  • Folklore Expedition 2017: Film, Tradition, and Change

    March 4, 2017. The folklore expedition to Belarus, led by documentary film-maker Sergei Minyonok, will examine the past and present of the “Day of the Holy Spirit” observances in the west Russian village of Troitskoye. These observances include both a solemn commemoration of the dead and a rowdy parade with a female effigy.
  • Auschwitz Summer 2017, Walk in the Steps of a Holocaust Survivor

    Excursion A: June 24-July 2, 2017, Excursion B: July 2-10, 2017 Education Center for a history making event as we expand our ability to offer the experience of traveling with a Holocaust survivor from one summer trip to two. We will travel to Krakow and tour Auschwitz-Birkenau. We will be led by our founder, Eva Mozes Kor, who was liberated from Auschwitz as a child. Eva is pictured at left front in her liberation photo from 1945. We will fly from Chicago to Krakow and stay at a 5-star property while in Krakow. While in Poland we will visit various historical sites, tour Auschwitz- Birkenau with Eva, tour the beautiful city of Krakow, and visit the historic salt mines. Please fill out the official registration packet and return it with your nonrefundable deposit of $500.00. Final payment is due March 17, 2017.

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Ongoing Events

  • Rosinka Program in Russian Language and Culture

    September 9 - December 9, 2016,5-6pm, Campus View Apartments (800 North Union Street, Bloomington) Since its establishment in 2009, the Rosinka Program in Russian Language and Culture has provided more than 70 Bloomington-area children with weekly instruction in Russian language and culture. In 2016-17, Rosinka will offer classes for children of elementary school age (5-11) who are being raised in Russian-speaking households (so-called heritage speakers.

  • Language Tables
    • Hungarian Language Coffee Hour

      Wednesdays, 6pm at Pour House (314 Kirkwood Ave)
    • Russian Table

      Fridays, 5pm at Bear's Place (1316 E 3rd St)
    • Ukrainian Conversation Hour

      Fridays, 6pm at The Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)
    • Romanian Conversation Hour

      Wednesdays, 7.30pm at The Runcible Spoon (412 E 6th St)
    • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Tabel

      Tuesdays, 7pm at the IMU Starbuck