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Degrees Offered: Mid-Career Professional MA track – 30 CREDIT HOURS (MA)

MA Degree Snapshot Worksheet Application for REEI MA Degree Program

Required Courses

  • REEI R600 Proseminar in REEI Area Studies (3 cr)

Area Studies (at least 21 credits)

Language Requirement (up to 6 credit hours):

Additional Requirement

  • Courses must be passed with a minimum of a B average and must be area-related.
  • Language courses must be: (1) at an appropriate level, (2) graduate level, and (3) relevant to the area of concentration.
  • If 6 cr of language courses are NOT taken towards the degree, additional courses in the Area of Concentration are required.
  • Courses should be selected in consultation with the REEI Academic Advisor.


*The Mid-Career Professional Subplan is geared towards professionals looking to advance their career. Examples include Foreign Area Officers, State Department officials, and other internationally focused professionals in the private and non-profit sectors.

Applicants may be asked to provide REEI with a goals statement, describing their career goals.