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Jacobs Educator Award


The Jacobs Educator Award is supported by the Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology to recognize Pre-K-12 teachers across the United States who are using technology to support innovative inquiry-based teaching and learning activities in their classrooms. Each year, we select a small group of exceptional teachers from any grade level or content area who are at the cutting edge of integrating digital technologies into their instruction.


Each teacher selected as a Jacobs Educator will receive a $1500 stipend at the end of their one-year appointment. In addition, each Jacobs Educator will receive $1000 to be used to purchase technology resources to support their teaching, as well as funds to support travel to Indiana University in order to participate in periodic events throughout the year.


Each Jacobs Educator will be asked to provide their expertise to the Indiana University School of Education during the year they are selected as an award recipient. This expertise will involve:

  • Participation in preparing research-to-practice brief with Indiana University faculty member by working with a selected faculty member translate their research findings into a two-page summary that is by teachers for teachers.
  • Help edit video of this reseacher-teacher conversation to be a companion to the research-to-practice brief.
  • Development and implementation of a minimum of one technology-enhanced problem-based or inquiry-based activity with students in their classroom. This activity will be co-developed with Jacobs Educator staff, documented (via video), and added to the Jacobs Educator videocase database for use by teachers and teacher educators across the country.

Selection Criteria

Each year, the Jacobs Educator Award selection committee will select up to five teachers to receive the award. To be eligible for the award, an applicant must be teaching in a Pre-K-12 classroom at the time they apply, and have a minimum of five years of teaching experience.

To apply to become a Jacobs Educator, you will need to submit the following materials through our online application form:

  1. A current resume documenting your teaching positions and experience.
  2. A brief (250 words maximum) essay describing your beliefs regarding the best ways to use technology to support inquiry-based teaching and learning.
  3. A two-minute video that provides an overview of a technology-enhanced inquiry-based activity you have implemented in your classroom in the past year. See exemplary application videos here.
  4. One letter of support from your building or district administrator (e.g., building principal, district superintendent)

Selection of award recipients will be made based on an evaluation of the quality of application materials submitted.

Selection Committee

Jacobs Educators are selected through a rigorous review process conducted by the Jacobs Advisory Board.


Please review the application process here.

Look for a new Jacobs competition in Spring 2016!


If you have questions please contact us.