Indiana University Bloomington School of Education


The Jacobs Educator Award is supported by the Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology to recognize Pre-K-12 teachers across the United States who are using technology to support innovative inquiry-based and/ or problem-based  teaching and learning activities in their classrooms.

Each year, we select a small group of exceptional teachers from any grade level or content area who are at the cutting edge of integrating digital technologies into their instruction. In the coming years, we will connect the Jacobs Educator teachers with researchers to create research-to-practice briefs that will provide outreach to other teachers on research with technology. These short reports will help provide useable research for busy teachers to help them understand evidence-based implications for using technology in their classroom.


The Jacobs Educator Award honors outstanding technology-using Pre-K-12 teachers, but it is much more than a “teacher of the year” award.  Jacobs Educators are part of a nation-wide community of highly successful teachers who work with the world renowned education faculty at the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington in a variety of capacities, including teaching, research, and special projects and events.

Additionally, each selected Jacobs Educator will receive:

  • $1500 stipend at the end of their one-year appointment,
  • $1000 to be used to purchase technology resources to support their teaching,
  • Funds to support travel to Indiana University in order to participate in a Jacobs Educator event and meet with technology researchers.


If you are a Pre-K-12 educator in the United States who has taught for at least five years, you are eligible for the Jacobs Educator Award. Learn more about the application requirements.

Application Coming Soon!