Friday, May 10 Folklore Building, 510 N. Fess St., corner of 9th and Fess
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-1:15pm Welcome: Jason McGraw, MLCP Faculty Coordinator
1:15-2:35pm Panel 1: Movement, Sex, and Rights
Dawn F. Stinchcomb, Spanish, Purdue: “Life in the Brothels in Latin American Literature: The Public Woman as a Danger to/an Agent for Society”
Wendy A. Vogt, Anthropology, IUPUI: “In Search of Sanctuary: New Movements for Humanitarianism and Rights along the Migrant Trail in Mexico”
Discussant: Vivian Halloran, English and American Studies, IUB
2:50-4:35                                       Panel 2: Elite and Folk Ideas of Country and Nature
Lourdes Hurtado, History, Franklin College: “The Current Debate on Military Service and the (Social) Media in Peru”
Richard H. Weiner, History, IPFW: “Texts and the Construction of
Popular Perceptions: The Writings of Alexander von Humboldt and Justo Sierra and the Rise and Fall of Mexico’s Legendary Wealth”
Nick Kawa, Anthropology, Ball State: “The Big Snake: An Amazonian Vision of Human- Environmental Relations”
Discussant: Jason McGraw, History and American Studies, IUB
             [25 minute break]
5:00-6:15pm Keynote Address: John McDowell, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, IUB: “The Promise (and Pitfalls) of Expressive Culture on YouTube”


7:00-9:00pm DINNER at Uptown Café – on Kirkwood just east of the Square
Saturday, May 11  NOTE: Folklore Seminar Room, 501 N. Park   St., corner of 9th and Park
8:00-8:45am Breakfast
8:45-10:30am Panel 3: Popular Languages
Scooter Pégram, Modern Languages, IU Northwest: “Rap as Resistance: Language, Lyrics and Young Haitian Males in early Québec Hip-hop”
Stephen Buttes, Spanish, IPFW:  “Shantytown Vistas and Immigrant Voices: Bernardo Verbitsky, Guaraní Language and the Art of Overcoming Peronism”
Irune del Rio Gabiola, Spanish, Butler: “Unbecoming Caribbean: An Analysis of Cristy Road’s Graphic Narratives”
Discussant: Javier Leon, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, IUB
              [15 minute break]
10:45am-12:05pm Panel 4: Race and Nation
Daniel Bauer, Anthropology, University of Southern Indiana: “From Mestizo to Indigenous: The Politics of the Past in Coastal Ecuador”
Hayley Froysland, History, IU South Bend: “‘The Problems of the Race’: Higienistas, the Poor, and the Road to ‘Racial Regeneration’ in Colombia, 1880-1936″
Discussant: Dan Suslak, Anthropology, IUB