Past Events:





2009-2010: Sustainable Heritage

The MLCP Working Group theme for 2009-2010 was Sustainable Heritage, an outgrowth of our discussion of Cultural Heritage and Politics from the previous year. We conducted a series of events: talks within our core group of faculty and students, invited lectures by outside authorities, and hosted the first MLCP Spring Institute.

2008-2009: Cultural Heritage and Politics

The MLCP Working Group theme for 2008-2009 was Cultural Heritage and Politics, which highlighted several high-profile issues, including cultural ownership and policy, heritage management, language rights, and the folklorization of tradition. This theme productively connects research on indigenous peoples and on Afro-descendant peoples in Latin America. We hosted a series of events including talks within our core group of faculty and students and invited lectures by outside authorities.

2007-2008: Indigenous Politics, Identity Formation, Language and Cultural Expression

The initial MLCP Working Group’s research focus engaged with one of the most pressing issues in contemporary Latin America– the struggle for recognition of indigenous cultures and languages. In the political arena this is witnessed in the region-wide expansion of social movements oriented toward indigenous rights and sub-national ethnic identity formation. Beyond the fusion of language, cultural and political studies, environmental anthropologists affiliated with the MLCP used their expertise to provide a geographic dimension to research on indigenous rights.