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Aguilar wins NDR Chapbook Competition

Leslie Aguilar (3rd year Poet) has been named the winner of the 2014-15 New Delta Review's Chapbook Contest. Michael Martone said of her entry, Mesquite Manual: "The book, like its titular subject, is tough and delicate, aromatic, evasive and invasive. This manual instructs us to take apart the tenacious mysteries of this desert world and reassemble them into the sweet transpiring forage of lucid dreams." Congratulations, Leslie!
Aguilar wins 2014 Washington Square Award

Third-year poetry student Leslie Aguilar has received the 2014 Poetry Award from Washington Square for "The Hitching Post." This year's judge was D. A. Powell.
Citro, Kwong: Best New Poets, 2014

Recent alum Chris Citro (MFA, 2013) and still-a-student, but-about-to-become alum Lisa Kwong (MFA, any day now when the bureaucracy catches up to reality) have recently been named among the Best New Poets, 2014. Dorianne Laux selected Chris’s “Gathering a Few Facts” and Lisa’s “An AppalAsian Finds Home in Bloomington, Indiana” for inclusion in the “final fifty” that will be published in Best New Poets, 2014 in November. Congratulations to both Chris and Lisa.

More information on Best New Poets, 2014 can be found here.
Ciara Miller to the Barbados

Congratulations to Ciara Miller (3d year Poetry; dual-degree, MFA and MA in AAADS) who recently was accepted into Callaloo’s Poetry Workshop in the Barbados next month. Callaloo is one of the leading literary and academic journals in African-American and African Diasporic Studies, and this workshop is an amazing opportunity. Ciara has received travel grants from the College of Arts and Sciences and from the College Arts and Humanities Institute to support her participation in the Callaloo poetry workshop.
Scott Miles in 2013 Best New Poets

Congratulations to Scott Miles (second year poet) whose "Ode to the Gods of French Cinema" has recently been published in 2013 Best New Poets from the University Press of Virginia:
Nandi Comer wins Crab Orchard Review's 2014 Richard Peterson Poetry Prize.

Congratulations to Nandi Comer (fourth year dual-degree, Poetry and AAADS) who was recently announced as the winner of Crab Orchard Review's 2014 Richard Peterson Poetry Prize. Nandi's winning entry was a set of three poems ("Detroit, Llorona, My Heart, My City"; "Losing Between Manholes and Myths"; and "The Warning") which will appear in Crab Orchard Review, Volume 19, Number 1 (Winter/Spring 2014), and for which she receives a prize of $2,000. This year's judge was Alison Joseph.
Ming Holden wins Glimmer Train's Family Matters Contest

Congratulations to outgoing MFA Ming Holden, who in April was awarded first prize in Glimmer Train's Family Matters Contest for her story, "Keller's Ranch."
Okubo's "In the Tunnel" Released on Amazon Single

Congratulations to Taka Okubo, whose story, "In the Tunnel," has been published on on Amazon singles. Check it out here
Lycurgus in Best New Poets 2012

Cate Lycurgus has been honored by having her poem, "Taking Care" selected for inclusion in Best New Poets 2012. More than 1700 poets submitted work for consideration, and Cate was among the final 50 selected for inclusion.
More Honors for Mlekoday

At last month's national AWP meeting in Boston, Michael Mlekoday received another significant honor. This time, his poem "I think I'm Almost Ready to See the Ocean," which originally appeared in Iron Horse Literary Review was one of eight poems selected from poems nominated by more than 800 literary journals for the 2013 Intro Journals Prize organized by AWP.