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Director of Creative Writing

Teaching Philosophy

I like to privilege questions over answers, and as such the workshops I teach tend to be places where conversations happen around and with a student and her/his work rather than conversations dictating what a work should be. I'm convinced that cultivating a generous and rigorous critical sense of one's work in this way is more useful (and fun and productively disorienting) than getting it fixed in a classroom.

Writing Interests

I write poems primarily, but I also write essays, and am working on a non-fiction book on gardening.


Ross Gay is the author of Bringing the Shovel Down (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011) and Bringing the Shovel Down (CavanKerry Press, 2006). His poems have been published in numerous magazines and journals, in addition to being widely anthologized. Ross is an editor for the chapbook press Q Avenue, and has happily shepherded many beautiful poets' work into print. His Artists' Books, in collaboration with Kimberly Thomas, are The Halo, BRN2HNT, and The Bullet. Ross is very involved in the Bloomington community as a board member of the Bloomington Community Orchard in addition to his work with some of the other wonderful projects here in town.