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The M.F.A. Program has a strong commitment to, and history of, diversity. Applicants to the program frequently cite the diversity of its faculty and student body as an important factor in their decision to seek admission. Currently over a third of our first-, second-, and third-year M.F.A. students are African American, Latino/a, Asian American or Native American. We have also sought to make the program a congenial and supportive environment for gay and lesbian students, international students, first-generation college students, and students who are single parents. Our program makes every effort to recruit the strongest and most diverse annual entering class of students possible and offers students of color the Neal-Marshall Graduate Fellowships in Creative Writing in addition to all of our other fellowship lines. See Fellowships and Awards for further information.

To further assist students from a variety of backgrounds, particularly those from under-represented groups, Indiana University offers a wide network of support services and programs. The M.F.A. Program believes that diversity within our writing community better prepares students for their lives as writers, and that a genuine culture of inclusion benefits all members of our community.

The following is a list of Diversity Resources available at Indiana University.





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