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Kinsey valentine, 2013.

Winter 2013

Kinsey Director Honored by AAAS

Dr. Julia Heiman becomes a fellow of AAAS.

Evolution's Empress

Justin Garcia co-edits a new book on evolution and feminism.

Announcing the 2013 Student Grant Winners

Congratulations to the four Graduate Awardees.

Kinsey Research In Sweden

Erick Janssen is hosted as Visiting Professor at Malmo University

New Publications from Kinsey Institute Researchers

Postpartum stress and sexuality, hook-up culture & behavior, and more scientific publications.

Kinsey Institute Mourns Dr. Leah Cahan Schaefer

Noted therapist and researcher passes away at age of 92.

Naked Spaces Opens in the Kinsey Institute Gallery

How do artists use architecture to comment on issues of gender and sexuality?

Shadows of Innocence Premieres on WTIU, Feb 28, 7 pm

Dr. Julia Heiman is featured in a new documentary on sexual violence in Indiana.

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The mission of The Kinsey Institute is to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction. The Institute was founded in 1947 by renowned sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. Today, the Institute has two components, an Indiana University research institute, under the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, and a not-for-profit corporation, which owns and manages the Institute's research data and archives, collections, and databases.
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