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2014 Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show opens May 16th
Appearing in the 2014 Juried Art Show
Nun of that is Covered (2014)
Acrylic/Stencil on MDF; 24" x 24"
© David Willison,Tequesta, FL.

Volume 18, Number 2

Vitzthum receives $1.5m NSF Grant

Study to focus on reproductive challenges facing Greenlanders.

International Advisor Sparks New Global Directions

The institute receives UN designation and plans for a global future.

Juried Art Show Opens May 16

Opening reception, artist Q&A, and a KI open house.

Kinsey Gallery Hosts Opening Event

Creative Minds explores the intersection of art & science; Artistic Types uses text & lettering. Both shows run through September 12.

The Dual Control Model 15+ Years On

Scientific and popular uses of theoretical model of sexual response developed at The Kinsey Institute.

Kinsey Staff News

Janssen represents APA; Zhou welcomes diversity at IU; Garcia receives teaching kudos.

Moving Forward with The Kinsey Institute Board of Trustees

Welcome new and returning Trustees.

Stanhopes: Hidden Erotica of the 19th Century

Tiny images spark the interest of artists and collectors.

IU Graduates Contribute to the Advancing Sexual Health and Knowledge

Indiana University graduates moving on.

Save the Date: Mapplethorpe Photographs Exhibit Opens Oct 10th in the Grunwald Gallery

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