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(59:11 mins in three parts)
What drives men to choose to be castrated? Dr. Richard Wassersug presents research on voluntary eunuchs, that is, males who desire to be emasculated yet do not wish to be female. He discusses what motivates these men (why, how, and where they get castrated), and the consequences of their castration on personality and social relations.

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The Kinsey Institute also has a Youtube page where you'll find more Kinsey-related video including gallery tours and an introduction to the Institute.


Kinsey Institute Presents - Conversations About Sex Research

Produced by The Kinsey Institute, Kinsey Institute Presents - Conversations About Sex Research features interviews with sex researchers and visiting scholars to the Institute about a variety of projects and issues in the field of sexology.

Kinsey Confidential

Kinsey Confidential is the sex-information service for college students offered by The Kinsey Institute. The Kinsey Confidential podcasts feature questions asked by students and website visitors, and answered by our sexuality education expert, Dr. Debby Herbenick.

Visit the Kinsey Confidential website to listen to any episode of the podcast.

More Audio

Dr. John Bancroft radio interview (RealPlayer) An interview with medical doctor and clinical scientist Dr. John Bancroft during his tenure as KI Director, discussing the place of sex as a subject of research. 55 minutes.

Dr. Sol Gordon radio interview (RealPlayer) Renowned teen and child sex educator speaks with WFIU about the importance of the role of parents in sex education and being an 'askable' parent. 59 minutes.

Judy Norsigian radio interview (RealPlayer or Windows Media Player) Executive Director and a founder of the Boston Women's Health Collective speaks during her visit to Indiana University. 51 minutes.

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