Announcing the 2015 John Money Fellows

Congratulations to Russell Sheaffer and Julian Gill-Peterson. The Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology supports graduate students researching issues of sex & gender. You can read more about the new Fellows here »

Indiana University seal in stone carving

Indiana University Adopts New Sexual Misconduct Policy

IU has adopted a comprehensive policy on sexual misconduct that prohibits all forms of sexual harassment and sex- and gender-based discrimination, including rape & sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking.

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The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University welcomes all! #everyoneiswelcome

In the Gallery

Hold That Pose and Secret Impressions explore the mass production of erotic images before & after the camera. Gallery hours: M-F 1-5pm

Wabash College displays selection of KI art March 20 - April 17, 2015


Wabash College Displays KI Art
Undercover: Selections from The Kinsey Institute runs March 20 - April 17. Exploring the stories we tell about sex.

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