Research on Immunity and Ovulation Reveals Biological, Economic and Sexual Interactions

New study from Tierney Lorenz and Virginia Vitzthum shed light on factors that affect fertility and health measures in women in Bolivian and American women.

Dr. John Gagnon 1931-2016

Dr. John Gagnon was a major intellectual force in the sociology of sex, responsible with William Simon for the theory of sex scripting, and a staff member of the Institute for Sex Research under director Paul Gebhard from 1959-68. Read about Dr. Gagnon's 2009 visit to the Kinsey Institute »

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In the Gallery

For Love or Money Sept 11-May 12
Artworks from the Institute’s collections that depict individuals involved in sex-related professions.

The Danish Girl
March 3rd, IU Cinema

Kinsey Institute welcomes the producer and writer of The Danish Girl at an IU Cinema screening of the film on March 3rd at 7pm.


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