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The School of Public and Environmental affairs has been ranked in the top of its class. IU Debate is lucky to call SPEA its home with the support of Dean Graham, the SPEA Faculty and Staff.

SPEA Masters of Public Affairs, MPA-MSES Programs

The debate team is optimistic that SPEAs MPA program will allocate additional stipends for debate assists. Additional merit base aid is available. Benchmarks for the aid is available upon request.

If you are looking for the nation’s best MPA programs you need to look no further. SPEA's Master of Public Affairs (MPA) program is an integrated course of study providing knowledge and experience used by the professional in various roles within a changing society.  SPEA was named the second best MPA program by U.S. News and World Report. The MPA program has an applied focus that teaches students to address society's complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, students are taught by faculty members with backgrounds in political science, economics, policy analysis, management science, law, international affairs, environmental policy, and other significant public policy areas.

MPA Fields of Concentration:

Successful completion of the MPA program can open up opportunities to work for Federal, State, and Local agencies. SPEA has alumni in the DOD, USAID, GAO, EPA and more. An extensive internship program through the office of career services will help you gain the experience and the connections needed to work for international and domestic organization of your choice. Click here for the 2010 list of international internships. Click here for the 2010 domestic internship list.

Employment data indicates that the MPA will provide graduates with successful careers in public, private, and non-profit positions.

MPA-J.D. Joint Degree

Are you waivering on whether you want to receive a graduate degree or go to law school? Indiana's MPA program provides you with a nice opportunity to do both with the joint degree program through IU's law school. You can kill two birds with one stone. You can also join the Law program after starting your MPA courses.



The debate team has secured an additional $3,000+ increase in the stipend for PhD debate assistants. The quality of the education and the prestige that the PhD degree provides speaks for itself.

A note from SPEA's Executive Associate Dean David Reingold on the program:

Please join me in congratulating SPEA on the recent National Research Council rankings. Data for these rankings capture program activity between 2002 and 2006. These rankings are based on measures of doctoral program quality in a particular field, not just perceived rankings based on prestige. While the ranking methodology makes it difficult to establish a fixed order, it is fair to say that we are outranked by Princeton (between #1 and #2) and are neck-and-neck with Carnegie Mellon (between #2 and #5) and Syracuse (#4 according to both methodologies). We outrank a number of excellent schools. There are only two other doctoral programs on the Bloomington campus (Musicology in the Jacob School of Music and Folklore/Ethnomusicology in COAS) with rankings equal to or better than the rankings of SPEA’s public affairs and public policy doctoral programs. ... The data can be found at: http://www.nap.edu/rdp

As a first year SPEA PhD student, Adam Abelkop would be a good person to contact for an insiders view of the program.

Degrees and Concentrations:

Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy

Public Affairs

Environmental Science


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