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YOU can Debate The United States' energy policy.

The resolution for the tournament is Resolved: The United States Federal Government Should reduce restrictions and/or increase incentives for natural gas, nuclear, or renewables.

The Indiana University Debate Team invites all interested Indiana University undergraduate students to participate in the second annual Intra-IU Debate Tournament. 

Whether you competed in forensics in high school or not this competition is a great place for you to improve and show off your analytical argumentation and public speaking skills. The tournament is a perfect opportunity for you to engage in debate with a minimal time commitment.  IU’s Debate Team will provide research and cases for all teams to use as well as instructions on how to compete successfully at the tournament.

The cost to you is FREE. The team will also treat you with complimentary food and drinks for competing teams and judge..

The winning team, runner-up, and top speaking competitors will also receive prizes purchased from the IU Memorial Union Gift Store. 

Registration! Registration!! Registration!!! Registration!!!!

Send an email to IUDebateTournament@gmail.com, subject-line "Intra-IU Registration." Include your name and your partner's name. If you do not have a partner, that is ok we will assign a partner to you.

The Deadling for Registration is Monday November 12th.

Round Format

1st Affirmative Constructive Speech     5 Minutes
Cross examination                                        1 ½ Minutes
1st Negative                                              5 Minutes
Cross examination                                        1 ½ Minutes
2nd Affirmative Constructive                   5 Minutes
Cross Examination                                        1 ½ Minutes
2nd Negative Constructive                      5 Minutes
Cross Examination                                        1 ½ Minutes
Final Negative Rebuttal                        3 Minutes
Final Affirmative Rebuttal                      5 Minutes

Prep time: 3 Minutes
Debate Time:
35 Minutes + Decision = 45 Minutes

Tournament Schedule

Nov 14th, Wednesday Ballentine Hall RM 105
5:45 PM: Welcome and Registration
6:30 PM Round 1
7:30 PM Round 2
8:30 PM Round 3
9:45 PM Finals and Awards

What to do between now and the tournament

  1. Register via the dedicated gmail account. Include your name, intended degree, year and partner, intended degree, year.
  2. You should plan to attend one or more of the practice sessions so you are confident and comfortable with the material and format.
  3. Find a judge! We will need judges for Friday and Saturday. Try to find a critic for at least one of the days. You can email the judges information with your registration information or prior to the tournament.



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