Program benefits & services

Studies show that most students decide to leave college due to three specific reasons: 1) lack of funding; 2) academics; or 3) unwelcoming atmosphere. Well, Hudson & Holland was created to combat these hurdles to ensure students have every opportunity to be successful at Indiana University.

Hudson & Holland provides a base scholarship of $6,000 per year, for four years. Additionally, most students qualify for additional funding from various Programs and partnerships established around the campus. Hudson & Holland recommends students for programs such as the Cox Scholarship Award and the Herbert Presidential Scholarship. It is possible for a HHSP student to receive in excess of $9,000 per year in academic scholarships! These and other opportunities, along with need-based funding, can be found at the Office of Scholarships website.

Academic Support
We understand how important it is for talented students to do well at IU. The staff at HHSP has been there and knows the feeling. Because every HHSP scholar is provided a Program Advisor, he/she will always have someone to confide in, when that Calculus class becomes a little difficult or the Anatomy class seems impossible.

Indiana University’s student body is approximately 45,000 students strong! Many of our students come from areas outside the state of Indiana. This can be intimidating for some and an adventure for others. For those who may find this to be a challenge, it is comforting to know that IU’s large campus can become smaller through the support of HHSP staff and students.

HHSP is comprised of over 800 students. Any class you take, it is likely you will see a fellow HHSP scholar in your class. Our students participate in athletics, Greek life, boards, and events all around campus. So, by getting to know your fellow scholars, you will have the opportunity to become acclimated to the campus, bit by bit, at your own pace. In no time, IU will feel like home!