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We are very fortunate to have so many friends of English at Indiana University. Even in the tough economic conditions in which we currently find ourselves, the generosity of our donors has allowed us to continue to be ambitious.

What does your generosity allow us to do?

We give over forty individual awards for undergraduate writing each year, for everything from first-year composition essays, to poetry, fiction, and senior honors theses.

We give more than two dozen separate awards each year to our graduate students, for their writing, their teaching, and their citizenship.

Our superb MFA and Ph.D. programs are among the very best in the nation. We could not attract and train as many talented students if we were not able to support them with graduate fellowships.

Many donors contribute each year to the English Enrichment Fund, from which we are able to support many vital initiatives, from organizing speaker series, for which we bring to Bloomington exciting writers and scholars to speak to our students and colleagues, to supporting faculty recruitment, undergraduate life, and various kinds of outreach to the rest of the University, Bloomington, and beyond.