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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Students in Early English Literature and Culture

The English Department boasts a large and vibrant community of graduate students in Early English Literature and Culture. As the list below of dissertation topics and/or research interests suggests, graduate students working in the early periods demonstrate a wide range of scholarly engagements. Our recent students now hold tenure-track positions at such institutions as the following: University of Houston, California State University – San Bernardino, University of Massachusetts – Boston, Eastern Michigan University, Ball State University, Grand Valley State University, State University of New York – Brockport, Towson University, and DePauw University.

Gina Brandolino

Dissertation: "Voice Lessons: Violence, Voice, and Interiority in Middle English Religious Narratives 1300-1500"

William Christopher Brown

Medieval literature, particularly chronicles and medieval intellectuals, Gramsci, Foucault, Marx, postcolonial theory, queer theory, post-structuralism, and Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Thomas Cuthbertson

The Concept of Folly within Shakespearean Comedy

Linda Englade

Dissertation: "The Science of Poetry and the Coterie of the Occult"

Other Interests: Coterie poets of Tudor/Stuart Britain, circulation of occult knowledge from the late Middle Ages through the Early Modern period, history of print and manuscript circulation in the Renaissance/Early Modern period, material production of texts, domestic texts in the Early Modern period and Victorian England.

Bonnie Erwin

Dissertation: "Gender, Race, and the Individual Subject in Middle English Representations of Conversion"

Other Interests: Middle English literature of the fourteenth century

Marilyn Ford

Dissertation: "The Power of the Gift: Renegotiating the Concept of Honor in Shakespeare."

Other interests: Shakespeare, Renaissance drama, coterie poetry, gift exchange, concepts of authorship, concepts of social identity, the interaction between manuscript and print cultures

Kerilyn Harkaway

Fifteenth-century romance and hagiography, psychoanalysis, Marxist theories, and theories of religion

Megan Hartman

Dissertation: "The Hypermetric Line in Germanic Meter"

Other Interests: metrics, comparative philology, and Old English literature

Emily Houlik-Ritchey

Medieval Romance, Chaucer, Medieval Spain, late medieval poetry, gender/representations of women, and psychoanalysis

Lesley Jacobs

Dissertation: "Kinship and Violence in Medieval Narratives of Northwest Europe"

Other Interests: Celtic languages and literature (Irish and Welsh) and Old Norse, Old English, and Early Middle English literature and culture.

Heather Johnson-Shillinglaw

Dissertation: "The Soul of the Book: Textual Theory in Herbert, Trapnel, Vaughan, Traherne, and Milton"

Melinda Kingsbury

Dissertation: Figures of Eloquence: Rhetorical Agency in the Female Complaint

Other Interests: Ovidian complaint poetry of the Tudor and Stuart eras; Contemporary critical approaches to gender; the rhetorical functions of feminine speech in early modern female complaint poetry.

Lindsay Knight

Old English prose, Translations of Latin texts into Old English.

Leticia Liggett

Dissertation: "Representing Nature in Early Modern British Poetry"

Other Interests: Early Modern Poetry; Discourse of rights–human & animals; Cultural Studies.

Ya-Shih Liu

Dissertation: "A Regnal Genealogy in Trouble: The Trojan Myth as a Traumatic National Historiography in Late Medieval England"

Other Interests: Old and Middle English Language and Literature, Psychoanalysis, Postcolonialism, Cultural Studies

Matthew Lynch

Poetics, especially Renaissance, Classical, & Old English poetry

Elise Lonich

Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature, especially Donne and Spenser; Augustine; and Reformation and Counter-Reformation theology

Pat Maley

Renaissance Literature and Culture

David McAvoy

Shakespeare and Cultural Studies (especially how Shakespeare is deployed and received as a pedagogical matrix through which notions of modernity, mass culture, and "the popular" are interrogated); pedagogical structures in popular culture, contemporary youth.

Tracey Metivier

Renaissance Literature and Culture

Brent Moberly

Dissertation: "’Wayke Been the Oxen’: Plowing, Presumption, and the Third-Estate Ideal in Late Medieval England"

Katie Peebles

Dissertation: "Medievalism’s Inheritance"

Other interests: Antiquarianism, ethnography, folklore and literature, heritage construction, invention of tradition, medievalism, Middle English literature and culture

Whitney Purcell

Renaissance Literature and Culture

Brigid Reardon

Dissertation: "Exchange in Old English Poetry: Words, Weapons, and Wealth as Related Economics"

Richard Sears

Dissertation: "Rogues and the Utopian Imagination in Early Modern Literature"

Other Interests: Early modern rogue literature and drama, Theories of utopia and social imagination

Grant Simpson

Theory and practice of electronic editions, digital humanities, textual criticism, manuscript studies, philology, corpus linguistics, critical theory.

Nathanial B. Smith

Dissertation: "’A Passion of the Inner Parts’: Dreaming, Reading, and the Embodied Subject in Early Renaissance English Literature"

Maura Smyth

Dissertation: "The Development of Early Modern Fancy as an Alternate Form of Imaginative Agency in Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries."

Other Interests: early modern literature; the early modern imagination and extra-rational logics; the Scientific Revolution; Shakespeare; Milton; early modern women writers; rhetorical theory.

Corey Sparks

Middle English Literature and Culture

Tamara Stasik

Dissertation: "Forms of Living: Asceticism, Culture, and Articulating the Via Media in late Medieval English Literature"

Deborah Strickland

Dissertation: "Model Failures: Lost Women and the Scene of Writing, 1343-1603"

Erin Sweany

Anglo-Saxon Literature, Germanic Philology, and Manuscript Studies.

John Walters

Sixteenth-century poetry and drama, the Reformation in literature, and early modern Ireland.

Jenna Whittaker

Sixteenth and seventeenth century English Literature - particularly women writers, Renaissance Ovidianism, and literary automata

Betsy Williamson

Dissertation: "The Quest for Collective Identity in the Middle English Charlemagne Romances"

Other Interests: Old English language and literature, Old Norse language and literature, and medieval travel narratives, and modern medievalism.

Peter Zervos

Renaissance Literature and Culture