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Indiana University Bloomington

Recent Courses in Early English Literature and Culture


  • G205 Introduction to the English Language
  • G405 Studies in the History of English; Special Topics have included: Introduction to Old English; Introduction to Middle Welsh; History of the English Language
  • L213 Literary Masterpieces
  • L220 Introduction to Shakespeare
  • E301 Literature in English to 1600; Special Topics have included: Literary Visions: Sacred and Profane
  • E302 Literature in English, 1600-1800; Special topics have included: From Monarchy to Democracy; Sight and the Sense made of it
  • L305 Chaucer
  • L306 Middle English Literature; Special topics have included: Medieval sexuality; Food in medieval literature
  • L307 Medieval and Tudor Drama; Special topics have included: Infanticide; England and Anti-Englands
  • L309 Elizabethan Poetry
  • L313 Early Plays of Shakespeare; Special topics have included: The Histories
  • L314 Late Plays of Shakespeare
  • L317 English Poetry of the Early Seventeenth Century
  • L318 Milton; Special topics have included: Milton, Politics and the Law
  • L320 Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Literature: Early Modern Women’s Writing
  • L383 Studies in British Culture; Special Topics have included: Holy Grails: Literature and the Religious Object in Early England
  • L399 Honors Seminar: The Utopian


  • G603 Celtic Languages and Literatures (Old Irish, Middle Welsh)
  • G602 Middle English
  • G601 Old English
  • G655 Studies in the History of English
  • L607 Literary Theory from Plato to the Enlightenment
  • L612 Chaucer; Special topics have included: Chaucer’s Haunted Aesthetics
  • L613 Middle English Literature; Special Topics have included: Race and Romance; The Post-Colonial Middle Ages; Devotional Images and Vernacular Texts in Late Medieval England; Piers Plowman and Late Medieval Culture; Romancing Troy: History Fantasy, and Trauma
  • L621 English Literature 1500-1650
  • L622 Spenser and Milton
  • L625 Shakespeare; Special Topics have included: What counts as context?; Shakespeare and the Fetish of Character; Operation Enduring Shakespeare; Politically Incorrect Shakespeare; Shakespeare and Postmodernism; Shakespeare Wars: Critical Approaches to Shakespeare
  • L631 English Literature: 1660-1790; Special topics have included: Milton and the Libertines; Milton and the Sublime Object
  • L680 Arthurian Romance
  • L711 Old English Literature
  • L710 Beowulf
  • L712 Chaucer seminar; Special topics have included: Chaucer and Cosmopolitanism; Queer Theory
  • L730 Seminar in English Literature 1500-1650; Special topics have included: Religion and the Political in Early Modern English Literature and Culture