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Indiana University Bloomington


Graduate students interacting in a small group

Nationally recognized for vitality and innovation, the department of English is home to celebrated researchers, educators, scholars, and writers. We are proud that our department fosters lively intellectual exchange among faculty and graduate students. In recent years, we have enrolled approximately 200 graduate students each year, about 15-20 of them new MA/PhD students, and 10-13 new MFA’s. While the majority of our undergraduates are natives of Indiana, graduate students come from all over the United States and from abroad, with undergraduate degrees from a wide range of institutions, public and private: from Harvard to the University of California, from University of Florida to the University of Toronto. The department’s full-time faculty in Literature and Language and in Creative Writing numbers some 50 professors with diverse interests ranging from Anglo-Saxon language and literature to twentieth-century poetry, narrative, and drama, across diverse fields including Language and Linguistics, Literacy, Composition and Culture, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Postcolonial and Comparative Ethnic Studies, Literary and Cultural Theory, Literary History, Aesthetics, Performance Studies, and Digital Humanities.


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