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Other Programs and Certificates

Student reading Charles Dickens in class and asking question

English majors often seek minors, certificates, or a second major to broaden their knowledge and expand their educational and career opportunities. There are many programs and certificates within and beyond the College of Arts and Sciences from which to choose, and we highlight of few of them below. There is no right or wrong combination. In considering your curricular and co-curricular options, allow your interests and intellectual curiosity be your guides to building a degree.


Students may declare an interdepartmental major in English and African American and African Diaspora Studies. The Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAAD) examines the experiences of people of African descent in the United States and throughout the world. The interdepartmental major is 40 credit hours with a minimum of 6 courses in each discipline. Consult with an English advisor to declare the interdepartmental advisor. To declare a 15 credit hour AAAD minor, schedule a meeting with the AAAD advisor, Memorial 25, (812) 855-6270.


Students earning a bachelorís degree in the College of Arts and Sciences may earn minors from the Kelley School of Business. Requirements for each of the 21 credit hour minors are posted in the College Bulletin.

NOTE: The College of Arts and Sciences limits the number of credit hours taken outside the College that will count toward the degree to 20 credit hours.

Students can add a Business minor by logging into the College's secure site.

The Minor in Business, of course, does not preclude students from studying as electives any business courses open to non-business majors for which they have completed the necessary prerequisites. Students who wish to supplement their major in the College with a small number of business courses in a single business area such as accounting, finance, marketing, or other specialized study should select business courses in consultation with a School of Business advisor in Business 454, (812) 855-2614.


English majors who want to teach at the secondary level can receive certification through the School of Education. While the English department can provide some basic information on this option, to get the whole picture of what Education courses and licensing tests are required for certification, students should call (812) 856-8510 and make an appointment with an Education advisor. Once you have all the necessary information on certification, your undergraduate advisor in English will help you choose courses that work for both your degree and your certification.


Students in good standing at Indiana University who are not majoring in Telecommunications are eligible to apply to the certificate program in journalism. For further information, visit the School of Journalism web site and consult Journalism's academic advisor, Ernie Pyle 200C, (812) 855-9248.


The Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP) is a selective program that combines a liberal arts or science major with specialized training in business and management. To earn a certificate in LAMP, students must plan ahead to complete several application prerequisite courses and apply to the program in the freshman or sophomore year. To learn more visit the LAMP website and schedule a meeting with a LAMP advisor by calling (812) 856-4966.