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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Minors

As a major location for Humanities research, The College of Arts and Sciences on the Bloomington campus offers an embarrassment of academic riches. The College requirement to pursue a doctoral minor distinguishes IU’s unique brand of graduate education from its peers. It also affords important interdisciplinary opportunities and a unique vantage from which to pursue dissertation research. With requirements for the minor set by the minor department or program, awareness of the methodological issues pertinent to diverse areas of study enhances major training in the discipline of English Literature and Language. Traditionally, a faculty representative from the student’s minor field serves as a fourth reader on the student’s dissertation committee.

Ph.D. students in English pursue minors in a wide range of departments, programs, even schools. Some common doctoral minors pursued by our current students include American studies, Afro-American studies, art history, Cognitive Science, Communication and Culture (film and media studies), Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Eighteenth-century Studies, Folklore, French, Gender Studies, German, Greek, History, Italian, Journalism, Latin, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Performance Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Renaissance Studies, Slavics, Spanish, Theatre and Drama, Victorian studies, and West European studies. Additionally, students have occasionally ventured outside the College to minor in Music (through the Jacobs Music School) or Law (though the Maurer School of Law on the IUB campus).

The Department of English, moreover, offers a series of internal minors useful for students with particular interests and goals. These include minors in American Literature, British Literature, Children’s Literature, Pedagogy, Creative Writing, English and Germanic Philology, English Language, and Textual Studies.