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Indiana University Bloomington

Adjunct Faculty Profiles

Mary Ellen Brown

Ph.D., 1968, University of Pennsylvania. Scottish literature and narrative, especially Robert Burns. Folklore and tradition. Women’s Studies, women’s folklore. Home department: Folklore Institute.

Marion Frank-Wilson

Ph.D., 1992, Bayreuth University ( Germany). English and African literature, literary drama and theater for development. Home department: University Libraries.

Mary Beth Hines

Ph.D., 1992, University of Iowa. English education, literary/critical theory, composition theory and research. Home department: School of Education.

Oscar Kenshur

Ph.D., 1977, University of Iowa. Interrelations between literature and philosophy. The ideological context of early-modern literature and thought. Theories of Method in the Humanities and the Sciences

Barbara Klinger

Ph.D., 1986, University of Iowa. Film theory, criticism, and history; American film genres; American history and culture; Cultural Studies. Home department: Comparative Literature.

Herbert J. Marks

Ph.D., 1985, Yale University. Narrative and Lyric poetry. American literature. Psychoanalysis and literary criticism. The Bible and literature.

John A. McCluskey, Jr.

M.A., 1971, Stanford University. Creative writing (fiction). Afro-American fiction and poetry. African and Carribbean fiction. 20th-century American fiction.

Rosemarie McGerr

Ph.D. 1981, Yale University. Medieval British and Continental literatures. Literature by medieval women. Literature and the arts. History of the book. Narrative theory.

Jack D. Rollins

M.F.A., 1969, University of Iowa. Creative Writing (fiction). African and American Literature, Ph.D., 1979, Indiana University. Comparative Literature. African Language Literatures. Commonwealth Literatures. Arabic and Islamic Literatures. Medical Humanities. Home department: Honors College.

Joel Silver

J.D., 1977, Whittier College; M.L.S., 1986, Indiana University. History of books, including their production, use, and dispersal. Descriptive Bibliography. Home department: University Libraries.

Dror Wahrman

Ph.D., 1992, Princeton University. 18th Century literature. Home department: History.

John Walsh

Ph.D., 2000, Indiana University. Digital humanities; Romantic and Victorian literature, especially poetry and poetics; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Swinburne; popular culture and comics studies. Home department: Department of Information and Library Science, School of Informatics and Computing.