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Indiana University Bloomington

Special Study Opportunities


The Department of English offers ENG-X490, Individual Readings, for those students who wish to pursue a course of study distinct from the department's usual course offerings under the direction of a faculty member. Individual Readings may be taken for a varying number of credits, but students need to have a well thought-out project as well as the sponsorship of an English faculty member before the Director of Undergraduate Studies can approve the course. The deadline to submit an application is April 15 or December 1 of the semester before the term you intend to engage in your ENG-X490 program. Click here for application.


The Hutton Honors College offers a number of modest grants each semester and during the summer sessions, in support of undergraduate research projects. Such projects would ordinarily be conducted under the format of X490, Individual Reading in English. The faculty member who directs the X490 project would act as sponsor, if he or she deems it appropriate, for the undergraduate's application to the Honors Division. Funding is normally provided for travel or materials which are necessary to the research. Application deadlines ordinarily fall early in the semester preceding the one in which the project is to be conducted.


IU Programs: Credit earned in overseas study programs sponsored by Indiana University, or participated in by Indiana University on a consortium basis, is considered Indiana University credit and is not transfer credit. Consequently, University scholarships and loans are applicable to fees for these programs. Credit usually may be applied to meeting Indiana University degree requirements. Overseas credit will generally satisfy the senior residency requirement at the student's home campus.

For further information on Indiana University overseas study programs, consult the Office of Overseas Study, Franklin Hall 303, on the Bloomington campus (812) 855-9304, or international program coordinators on the other Indiana University campuses.

Non-IU Programs: In cases where there is no Indiana University-sponsored program in an area of interest, students may apply to programs administered by other institutions. Credits from non-Indiana University programs sponsored by accredited U.S. colleges are usually acceptable for transfer to Indiana University. Students should check with the Office of Overseas Study to see whether a program is "recognized" by IU.

To ensure that credits can be accepted from a particular overseas program, students are urged to obtain credit transfer agreement forms from the Office of Overseas Study; students must then submit the completed forms to the Office of Admissions prior to committing themselves to participating in the program.

Under special circumstances students may be permitted to use Indiana University financial aid toward programs sponsored by organizations other than Indiana University. For such an application to be approved, the coursework undertaken overseas must be integral to the student's major program at Indiana University, and the application must be approved by the student's academic department, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Overseas Study.