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Indiana University Bloomington

Internships in English

Internships provide both valuable pre-professional experience and substantial enhancement to a resumé. Students who are declared English majors have access to a variety of internship experiences. They can take advantage of the many off-campus opportunities currently available. They can also apply for one of the several on-campus editorial internships or can arrange a teaching internship with a member of the English Department faculty.

Hutton Honors College Internship Grants

Students awarded IU editorial or teaching internships can compete for teaching and non-teaching internship grants from the Honors College. Information and application forms are available from the Honors College, 811 East Seventh Street ( Recipients of these grants are required to submit a report on the internship experience to the Honors Division at the end of the semester. Students selected for summer 2015 internships must submit completed applications for Honors grants by Friday, March 13, 2015, for fall 2015 submit by Friday, March 27, 2015.

Off-campus internships

The Career Development Center, 625 N. Jordan (812-855-5234), coordinates off-campus internships, and can provide descriptions and contact and scheduling information. These internships can be taken at any time, though since they often involve work away from campus most students pursue them during the summer term, and very often in or near their hometowns. Recent internships undertaken by English majors have included work in law offices, advertising agencies, radio and television stations, newspapers, and public-relations firms, among others.

Credit for off-campus internships

English majors whose off-campus internship involves skills appropriate to the English Program may qualify for academic credit in English Y398: Professional Practice in English. The number of credits (1-6 hours) is dependent on the work requirement of the internship, the course is graded S/F, and it is repeatable once for a total of six hours. These credits do not count toward the requirements of the English major or the distribution requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

To be eligible, the English major must have completed 12 credit hours in English at the 200-level or above, including L202 or L260, must be in good academic standing, and must have the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English. Credit for Y398 is arranged only in advance of the internship activity. An application for credit requires a description of the internship activity submitted by the employer and identification of the person responsible for supervising the activity. The grade is awarded only after receipt of an evaluation form completed by the internship supervisor and an internship report prepared by the student.

On-campus internships

The on-campus editorial internships are awarded competitively. English majors are notified of specific opportunities in advance of the deadline for each competition, and must submit a letter of application and supporting materials for each internship in which they are interested. The teaching internships, which provide opportunities to participate in planning a course and lecturing or leading classroom discussion, involve approaching a faculty member the student knows and making a proposal, typically - though not necessairly - in a course the student has already taken with that instructor.

Credit for on-campus internships

English majors awarded on-campus editorial or teaching internships are eligible to enroll for 1-3 hours of credit in English L498: Internship in English. The course is graded S/F, and is repeatable once. A total of three credit hours in L498 may count toward the major; these credits do not count toward distribution requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The English major must have at least a 3.0 College and major GPA, must have completed 12 credit hours in English at the 200-level or above, including L202 or L260, at the time the internship begins, and must have the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English. The final grade for L498 is awarded only after the student submits a report to the Director of Undergraduate Studies describing the internship experience. (In the case of students who receive Hutton Honors College internship grants, this report may be a copy of the report required by the Honors Division.)