Assignment 3: RTcmix

  • If you think you really didn’t understand some of the concepts we worked on already, such as loops and conditionals, please review those now in the RTcmix Tutorial. We will not read more of the tutorial this week.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the RTcmix Quick Reference guide, as well as the RTcmix online documentation.
  • This week we will look at several features of RTcmix: data streams, user functions, and “include” statements. These features are described briefly in the Quick Reference guide.
  • Write one complex RTcmix score that uses the WAVETABLE instrument as a source of waveforms for additive synthesis. Do not focus on creating passages of music with notes produced by WAVETABLE. Instead, think more in terms of creating fused harmonic textures that contain shifting timbres that evolve.

    Please try to incorporate a data stream into your score. The most common use of this is to produce vibrato. Take advantage of the time-varying rates and depths of modulation afforded by the data stream functions.

    Optional: Try to write a user function.

  • Submit your assignment in Canvas.

    Be ready to play and discuss your score in class.