Assignment 8: Max: Intro to Audio

What we’re trying to do

What to turn in

How to do it

  1. Do the rest of the Max Audio Quickstart tutorials, 8-13.

    If you’re having trouble with the material, focus on tutorials 8-10 and 12.

  2. Patch A

    Use a microphone input to bring sound into the patch, and process this sound before sending it to the speakers. Process by using a delay line (with feedback) in some configuration and also some sort of filter. Provide a way to change the delay time smoothly. See below for implementation hints.

  3. Patch B

    Consider this patch as practice for doing the simplest kind of Max piece for acoustic instrument and computer: one in which the performer, using a foot pedal (or the computer operator, using the space bar), steps through several fixed-media cues while performing the piece. This allows the performer to have more control over the time flow of the piece than she would if playing with a CD or single sound file (or tape in the old days). See below for hints.

Hints for Patch A

Hints for Patch B

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