Assignment 6: Send Max MIDI Data into a Virtual Instrument

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  1. Do the rest of the Max Quickstart tutorials, 9-18.
  2. Patch A

    In Assignment 5, your Patch B generates a stream of notes with random pitch, velocity, duration, and timbre. Make a version of this patch that selects pitches randomly from a collection (e.g., a scale or hexachord), instead of from the complete chromatic. Play the notes rapidly, with a slightly irregular tempo — kind of like harp bisbigliando. Route the Max-generated notes into Absynth, running in DP, instead of using the internal synthesizer, as you did in Assignment 5. Choose a patch that renders the notes into a pleasing texture. Make a simple user interface in Presentation mode. See below for implementation hints.

  3. Patch B

    Design a patch that lets you switch between at least three melodic loops by pressing keys on the computer keyboard, while the notes play automatically (using a metronome). Control tempo (in BPM) with a slider. Design a user interface in Presentation Mode. See below for hints.

Hints for Patch A

Hints for Patch B

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