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This syllabus includes lecture topics, tutorial assignments, reading assignments, and exam dates. Click on a tutorial assignment link to get a description of the assignment.

Reading assignments are listed together with the relevant lectures. It is highly recommended that readings be done in advance of the lectures to facilitate maximum comprehension.

Short quizzes pertaining to the week’s readings will be administered at the beginning of many Tuesday classes, so come prepared.

The dates given in the Dates column are for the Tuesday lecture.

Dates Lecture Topics Reading Tutorial
Week 1
Course overview — Administrivia — Introduction to electroacoustic music and the modern computer music studio--Listening Readings are due for class in the week they appear (so be reading Week 2 readings now during Week 1) [no tutorial this week]
Week 2
Basic acoustic principles, part I — Microphones and recording techniques

Basic Acoustic Principles 1-5
Week 2 Acoustics Study Guide
Microphone Pattern and Pair Quick Guide

First tutorial meeting (Wed. or Thurs.): Introduction to the MAC304 studio

Start Assignment 1: Recording
Week 3
Acoustics, part II — Audio signal flow — Mixing consoles — Introduction to audio in Digital Performer 9 (DP)

Basic Acoustic Principles 6-9
Week 3 Acoustics Study Guide
Mixing Console Basics
Find DP9 manual on Canvas Week 3
(also on MAC304 computer)
DP9 manual: 97-106, 111-126, 135-140, 291-364

DUE: Assignment 1
Start Assignment 2: Audio Editing
Week 4
Acoustics, part III — Digital signal processing: time scaling, pitch and formant shifting — Virtual mixing consoles — Automation Basic Acoustic Principles 10-17
Week 4 Acoustics Study Guide
Cables and Connectors
DP9 manual: 475-610, 765-812

Listening List
DUE: Assignment 2
Start Assignment 3: Short Piece
Week 5

Audio effects: equalization (EQ), delay, reverberation Using DP's MW Equalizer, eVerb, Delay, Echo with automation

Digital Effects Primer
Week 5 Lecture Outline
DP9 manual: 833-849, 871-886
Continue Assignment 3
(Be prepared to play your source material in original, edited, and processed versions; discuss plans for the piece.)
Week 6
Final mixdown (Bounce to Disk) — Digital audio theory Digital Audio Primer 1-7
Week 6 Digital Audio Study Guide
DP9 Manual: 891-906
Continue Assignment 3
(Be prepared to play passages, show how you’re using effects and automation.)
Week 7
Introduction to MIDI sequencing: MIDI hardware connections, MIDI recording and editing — Virtual instruments DP9 manual 127-134, 255-266, 365-402

DUE: Assignment 3
Week 8
MIDTERM EXAM Exam review sheet
Start Assignment 4: MIDI Sequencing
Week 9
The MIDI language — Using MIDI controllers — MIDI effects and automation How MIDI Works p. 1-6
Week 9 MIDI Study Guide
DP9 manual: 541-590

DUE: Assignment 4
Start Final Project
Week 10
More virtual instruments — Digital samplers: sample preparation, mapping samples to keyboard
Native Instruments Battery
DP nanosampler ,
DP9 Plug-ins Guide (find on Canvas Week 10)
Using NI Battery for multisamples
READ Battery Manual (All-Skim)
Continue Final Project
(Be prepared to play some sequenced ideas or show some sketches.)
Week 11
Spatialization — Multichannel mixing — Introduction to synthesis, part I: the voltage-controlled analog synthesis model, oscillator waveforms, spectra

DP Quad Mixing
Analog Synthesis History
Analog Synthesis Waveforms
Analog Synthesis Concepts
Analog Synthesis Patches
Week 11 Synthesis Study Guide

Continue Final Project
(Be prepared to show more than you had last time.)
Week 12
Introduction to synthesis, part II: filters, envelopes, Analog Filter Basics
Continue Final Project
(Be prepared to show more. See, you’re supposed to be making steady progress! By now, you should have either the whole piece roughed out or a substantial portion nearly completed.)
Week 13
Introduction to synthesis, part III: sub-audio rate modulation, more complex patches and control schemes Modulation  
Week 14
Dynamics processing (compressor, limiter, gate)— Bussing — Mastering

Wiki compression article
Compression 101 Part 1 (Youtube)
Compression 101 Part 2 (Youtube)

Continue Final Project
(Time for finishing touches and final mixdown.)
Week 15
PERFORMANCE OF FINAL PROJECTS Final Exam Review Sheet Exam Review
TBA FINAL EXAM (not cumulative, just post-Midterm)    

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