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Mobile Technology Support

We make a wide range of equipment available on a first-come, first serve basis for classroom instructional use as well as for other academic support activities. Requests for equipment placed before 2 p.m. can be delivered the following working day. It is often possible to deliver equipment directly to the classroom; however, when this is not possible, delivery must be made to a secure office. Equipment requests for non instructional use may be subject to charge. Equipment may not be used off campus. For help with classroom equipment emergencies, call 812-855-8765.

If equipment is damaged see: Damaged Equipment Policy

Ordering Equipment

Technology Equipment Order / Check-Out Form

You will need the following Information when Completing the Order Form:

  • Network ID
  • Name and department
  • Whether faculty or AI
  • Phone number
  • Course and section number
  • Specific equipment
  • Where equipment will be used
  • Use date
  • Beginning and end times

Confirmation: You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your booking. Please check the use dates and equipment and notify us immediately of any discrepancies with your original request.

Scheduling Changes: It is the user's responsibility to report any change in time(s) or location(s) for a confirmed usage or of any class cancellations. Call 812-855-8765 or email clastech@iu.edu



  • DVD Player - Region Free
    This unit plays back digital video and audio stored with most any code on the DVD. This allows playback of discs from any region.


  • Classroom PA (Public Address)
    The Small P.A. System is used for addressing a group of people when additional voice reinforcement is needed in the classroom. It consists of a portable unit with a lapel clip-on micorphone, built-in amplifier and speaker.

    Note:This unit is designed for indoor use.


  • Display Device (Data Projector)
    A device that takes a video signal or computer output and projects the image on a screen or wall. Small and compact unit using LED technology for high brightness output.

  • Projection Screen
    A portable, lightweight and self-standing screen that pulls up from a weighted base. Standard size available 60" diagonal in NTSC video format.


  • PC (Windows) Laptop
    The PC laptop is used for presentation purposes in a classroom requiring the Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • MAC Laptop
    The MAC laptop is used for presentation purposes in a classroom requiring the Apple/Macintosh operating system.

    Note: Computers have been pre-installed with Microsoft Office and other IUB supported software. Please contact us if you need any specific software. Also, a wireless connection is available in nearly every classroom on campus.

Additional Equipment/Services

  • On-site Technician
    There is an additional charge for a dedicated technician to operate classroom equipment or to support certain events. Currently the rate is $35 an hour. Classroom Technology Services requests at least a week's prior notice when requesting a dedicated technician.

    Note: CTS does not provide wireless PowerPoint presentation remotes.