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Classroom Technology Support

The following services are available to Instructors and Associate Instructors (AI) of courses offering IU credit.

  • A central location where instructors can come for assistance and information concerning advanced technology classrooms.
  • Regular room checks to ensure the equipment is operating.
  • Emergency support.
  • Passcodes or keys needed to access the equipment.
  • Training for instructors wishing to use equipment in advanced technology classrooms.
  • Consultation on how the equipment might be used in instruction.

Access to equipment in advanced technology classrooms is also available to IU affiliated groups for an hourly fee.  A classroom technology support specialist will open up the classroom and assist in operating the equipment.  Groups wishing to use an advanced technology classroom should first call Classroom Scheduling, 812-855-2489, to reserve a room.  Once a classroom has been reserved, they should call 812-855-8765, or e-mail a week in advance.

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Passcodes and Access

As of the fall semester 2012 passcodes are no longer required. In order to access the projection system, touch the screen to initialize the countdown.

If you represent an IU-authorized student group or other type of university-sanctioned organization wishing to use installed classroom technology, you must arrange please contact us by calling 812-855-8765 or via email We may be able to provide you with access to the technology in the room by receiving some information about you and your group. Please contact us a week in advance (812-855-8765), for more information or if you have any questions.

Special Equipment Requests

If you have any special requests, we will be happy to discuss them and do what we can to meet the request. Here is a sampling of special equipment currently available to instructors using multimedia-equipped classrooms:

  • Closed Captioning (for Cable TV or VHS). Please allow a few days' notice (or more, if possible) so that we can make the necessary adjustments.
  • Phone conferencing setup (voice only).
  • Multi-region DVD player.
  • Classroom Technology Services can provide additional equipment upon request.
To order any of the Special Equipment listed above, please see the Order / Check Out Technology Equipment Form and Submit.

Installed Technology Training

PDF guides for using the installed technology can be found here:
Technology User Guide for Classrooms
Technology User Guide for Auditoriums

Classroom Technology Services offers training in the use of installed classroom technology to instructors. We provide training sessions for qualified instructors and associate instructors on weekdays (Monday - Friday) during the hours of 9:00AM - 4:00PM. One-on-one training sessions are scheduled in the classroom to be used with one of our support specialists. A support specialist will walk you through login and access of the technology, use of the technology, and logout of the technology when finished.

To request training, please give us a call at 812-855-8765, or e-mail We tailor each training session around instructor priorities in order to meet the needs of individual instructors. When you request training please provide the following information:

  • The Classroom and Building in which your class is scheduled.
  • The dates and times of the class you've been assigned.
  • The types of media you plan to use during class periods.
  • The times you are available to meet.

If possible, bring samples of the media you intend to use to the training session.

If you wish to use your laptop computer, please let us know the make/model of laptop, the operating system, if it has an Ethernet port, and the software you intend to run.


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