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Order Form and Payment Instructions

Thank you for your interest in our CeLCAR materials.

To pay online via credit card:

1. In the first window here:
   -For Description, specify the items you want.
   -For Comments (Optional), specify your phone number and any other comments or instructions.
   -Payment Amount, make sure to include the cost of shipping and handling.

2. In the second window, enter the following information:
   -For Credit Card Number, specify number without hyphens or spaces.
   -For CVV2 Code, specify the three-digit security number on reverse of card.
   -Be sure to include your e-mail address.

Avoid special characters, such as the ampersand (&).

After making payment, please send us a quick e-mail at specifying exactly what you have ordered, so that we have an official paper trail. Include your shipping address and phone number.

If you have any additional questions about ordering materials, feel free to contact:
     Dave Baer, Assistant Director, CeLCAR