Picture of Rahman ArmanDr. Rahman Arman is originally from Afghanistan. He grew up speaking and studying Afghan Languages (Pashto and Dari). In 2005, Rahman graduated Faculty Medical School of Herat University and received his M.D. as a general practitioner. He has also worked for the USAID Afghanistan and Herat Hospital as a medical doctor.

Rahman joined CeLCAR in October 2007 as a Pashto material developer and soon started teaching Advance Pashto classes for CEUS. Rahman has many years of experience developing Pashto and Dari material. For the past few years, Rahman has also been working as the lead instructor and coordinator for Afghan Languages and Cultures Seminars for the members of Embedded Training Teams (ETTs), Agricultural Development Teams (ADTs), and Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRTs). He has published Dari and Pashto textbooks for intensive seminars.