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Tools for Language Material Developers and Instructors

For language instructors CeLCAR has developed several tools that are designed not only to help teaching the target language utilizing web technologies but also develop language learning materials more efficiently.

Ipa Converter   Recording Portal   Uzbek Converter   Dari Writing Tutorial   Pashto Writing Tutorial

IPA Converter is designed to help developers convert text in target language to its IPA equivalent. Just select your language, paste your text and click "Convert". Try it here!

Recording Portal is a self-contained, web-based audio & video recording portal. No more downloading software, then converting to correct formats, then uploading to content managers. Just record and send to your instructor all on the same webpage! Try it now!

Uzbek Converter is designed to help Uzbek developers convert their laltin-based Uzbek text to cyrilic and vice versa. Just select which way you would like to convert your text, paste your it and click "Convert". Try it here!

CeLCAR has produced online versions of the Dari and Pashto Script Tutorials. Using these web allpications, learners can directly observe correct writing techniques in Pashto and Dari languages and then practice on their own.

For more information about CeLCAR tools, please contact Sukhrob Karimov at or (812) 856-1100.